Guerera female 4 years old, mixed breed,

~Rescued from a hoarding situation in    Moore county.

~ spayed, chipped, up to date on shots &    preventions

~ loves to be outside

~ enjoys toys

~ would love a family with children

~ craves mental stimulation

~ needs leash work

~ knows commands sit & shake

~ enjoys dogs, cats & does not chase c    chickens

~ a very funny dog who wants to be a    comedian

~ enjoys time on couch with humans

~ can be destructive if not properly    exercised

~ storm & fireworks do frighten her

~ does not care for water sports

Please contact foster Mom Anna for a meet or any questions @ 910-315-2662

Unchaining Moore Dogs is a 501(c)3 charitable organization

Unchaining Moore Dogs is pleased to announce an adoption opportunity for Guerera

MEDICAL Submit Guerera